On the waves

Artist’s book.2020, 260×398 mm, hand painted pages, writing with the brush, coptic binding

By the water

Artist’s book.2018, hand coloured pages, acrylic paint, accordion books + a bookcase.

Love letter to Venice

I just love Venice ja in this letter I want to tell you why.2017, hand coloured paper, handwriting with a Venetian glass pen, Scroll book.

The corset

Custom work.2016, reindeer leather, fabrics, chain, my own variation of coptic binding

In the ocean

Artist’s book.2016, 152x134x14 mm, pages printed from my original painting, gold leaf


ALBATROSSThe work based on the book ”The story of the Albatross” by Volter Kilpi, printed in 1965. The form of the book was inspired by the fact that Albatross was a ship, a frigate and I wanted to carry the story ”in the sails” of the cover of the book.2016, 260x265x20 mm, reindeer leather, hand […]


How I see and feel Venice behind all the colours.2015, 155x560x1500 mm, reindeer leather, my photographs, miniature paintings with ink and acrylic paint, gold leaf from Venice. Variation of accordion book.

The wall

The work based on the book ”Names, words, witch’s symbols – 4X(4+4)X4 = Young Estonian Poetry”, printed in 2015.2015, 210x230x55 mm (when book is closed), reindeer leather, small ink paintings.

Forgotten words

Artist’s book.2013, 210x210x90 mm, coptic binding, handwriting.The work is in the Schio Municipal Collection in Italy

Staden – Kaupunki – City

The work based on the book ”Staden – Kaupunki” with poems by Bo Carpelan and photographs by Pentti Sammallahti, printed in 2006. In this book I was fascinated by their way of highlighting the sensitive and also the rough side of Helsinki. That is what I wanted to express in my work too.2013, 156×156 mm, […]